katherine. 19. she/her.
tell my biphobe haters hi.
watashington dc desu.
everything is bike anime
and i will not apologize

i thrive on emotionally constipated zombie hunters, partially deceased syndrome sufferers, koreans, cannibals, shoujohimes, cloneclubs, and karmy

i worship at the church of Sansa Stark with my minister/roommate talk shit get hit
kapow right in the taint

this morning i asked my dad if i could borrow one of his shirts to wear to work and he asked me why i needed to

and i was like dad i can’t wear all black to work so that eliminates 85% of my wardrobe

literally the first 25 pictures of me on facebook

i’m wearing a black tshirt in all of them

thensomethingcrazy said:katherine i s2g do you own 3 shirts

i just saw this omfg the answer is yes

actually more like whenever i buy a new article of clothing i’m just like whoops i’m wearing this fOR THE REST OF MY LIFE



i just realized that the voice in my head when i read things isn’t my own voice omg whose is it


im very excited for my birthday for this reason and this reason alone

tbh i watch it probs like once a day

and i sent it to dan and he was like wow i’m proud of us this is actually sort of decent

also why isn’t it ashley’s birthday yet i want to post my avril yowapeda vid


beyond concerned for tumblr user princetutu

that was a weird day in my life ok

i was pretty convinced that sheen was secretly in love w jimmy

make me choose » Ichigo and Rukia or Mamura and Suzume asked by  

Title: tfw naruko/onoda/imaizumi fanart on yo dash
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